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The Kickass Couple's Secret to Greater Closeness & Connection in 10 Minutes.

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The Kickass Couple's Secret to Greater Closeness & Connection in 10 Minutes
  • feel a deeper bond with your partner
  • discover the key to closeness and connection
  • understand the secret to a better relationship
  • prevent conversations from escalating into an argument

Meet Dr. Gloria Lee

Psychologist, Author, & Educator

Dr. Gloria Lee is dedicated to improving the relational vitality of all couples. With 25 years of experience as a relationship expert, she has consistently transformed distressed and conflicted couples into loving and passionate ones by teaching them her simple and proven secret.






"Dr. Lee has a wealth of knowledge and insight in regards to building healthy relationships.

I like that she encourages you not just to fix the problem, but to understand the source of the problem."

- Joanne





"Dr. Lee gets to the basics of how to get your relationship right....

I am now just a hell of a lot more calm in all situations as I look more into the intent of my spouse and people rather than layering in all the noise in me and externally and then can be the best spouse, father, friend, and human being."

- Ed



"Love how the concepts are broken into easy to digest chunk-able sizes.

The solutions are clear, easy to understand, and easy to implement.

- Rebecca